A thousand plum trees and a sword cold

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Description: Sun Dong touched his head and said, "What does that mean?" Mei Hua said with a smile, "This is a compliment to your clever lies.." Lin Qi sighed, "Mei Hua, don't say such nonsense any more. I hope I can make things clear. I can't believe your inference all the time!" "I don't believe it either," said Mei Hua with a solemn expression. "Why would a person who is sincere to the Buddha have such a vicious heart? Miss Wang, why do you want to kill us? As soon as Wang Meizhi's expression changed, Sun Dong shouted, "What?"? Sister Wang, are you going to kill them? Mei Hua waved her hand and said, "No, Miss Wang only killed one chicken." Both Wang Meizhi and the old monk were surprised! Mei Hua continued, "I put that chicken on the bed on purpose. My intention was to guard against a man named Li Xuankong. I didn't expect that it would attract a sword from Miss Wang." Wang Meizhi's expression tightened. "Who is Li Xuankong?" She asked. "Can you answer this question?" Asked Mei Hua, looking at the old monk. "I'm a monk," said the old monk. "I seldom ask about the affairs of the world. How can I know.." Mei Hua said with a smile, "Forget it. Sooner or later, I will be able to find out this person. When I find out this person, the world will be peaceful, because the world in Wulin has been turned upside down by this person!" Lin Qi is also inexplicable tunnel: "Mei Hua, where did you find such a person?" Mei Hua said with a smile, "I overheard someone talking about it." "Who did you hear that from?" Asked Lin Qi. Mei Hua said, "In the ancient cave where Ding Shanmin and his wife live, I seem to hear them talking to a man named Li Xuankong, who is said to be able to control a sword with his breath.." Wang Meizhi hurriedly asked, "Do you control the sword with your breath?"? Can this man also control the sword with his breath? Mei Hua nodded, and Wang Meizhi turned to the old monk and said,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, "Didn't you say I was the only one in the world who could practice to this level? Why is Li Xuankong coming out now?" The old monk hesitated for a moment and said, "I don't know about that. The formula for controlling the sword has been handed down from ancient times. Maybe Li Xuankong got another formula for controlling the sword. That's why.." Wang Meizhi snorted, and the old monk hurriedly said, "I really don't know that Nie Yinniang, Kong Kong'er, and Jing Jing'er recorded in the novels of the Tang Dynasty are all first-class swordsmen who rely on their strength to control their swords. They come from far and wide.." Mei Hua asked with a smile, "Miss Wang, where did your swordsmanship come from?" "I taught her," said the old monk, "but I never practiced it myself." "How can you sacrifice yourself to help others with such profound martial arts?" Mei Hua asked. The old monk said, "What I know about controlling the sword comes from Nie Yinniang. Only women can learn it." "You must know who Li Xuankong is," said Wang Meizhi. The old monk shook his head and said, "I really don't know. Otherwise I would have looked for it long ago. That's why I think all my books are the only ones left in the world.." Mei Hua said with a smile, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,mirror stainless steel sheet, "Maybe I really don't know. Let's not talk about it for the time being."! Miss Wang, I want to ask you why you want to kill us? Wang Meizhi bowed her head and kept silent. Mei Hua added, "I heard Donggu talking about your penance here. I know your feelings for Lin Qi, and I can't give up the world of mortals because of this.." The old monk said, "a man who practices swordsmanship is most afraid of being distracted. The only way to keep his mind quiet is to wield the sword of wisdom to cut off the fate of the world. Only then can he go deeper." Mei Hua said, "The sword of wisdom cuts the silk of love, not the head of a lover." The old monk said, "When a man is alive, his love is tied to him. Love is an invisible thing, and there is no way to cut it off. Therefore, he has to kill his sweetheart once and for all." Mei Hua said to Wang Meizhi, "Do you admit the reason he said?" Wang Meizhi frowned slightly. "Of course," said the old monk. "That's the only reason." "You don't have to answer for her," said Mei Hua with a sneer. "Let her speak for herself." Wang Meizhi sighed softly: "Of course not.." Mei Hua waved his hand and said, "Well, there's no need to say any more. I fully understand what you're going to say. You've been deceived by him. I believe he's coming back from the Taihang Mountains.." The old monk wanted to speak again. Mei Hua glared at him and said, "How did you paraphrase my words?" The old monk lowered his head, but Wang Meizhi lost her voice and asked, "What did you say in the Taihang Mountains?" Mei Hua pointed to Sun Dong and said, "Aunt Dong was there that day. Let her say it." "There's no need to say anything," said the old monk. "I admit I lied.." As soon as Wang Meizhi's expression changed, Mei Hua smiled and said, "You finally admit it!" Wang Meizhi turned to Sun Dong and said, "Aunt Dong, you'd better say it. I want to hear it." Mei Hua suddenly smiled at the old monk and said, "You'd better get out of the way first."! It will embarrass you to testify three times. ” The old monk was stunned! "Mei Zhi," he said with a sigh, "you must understand that I am doing this for your own good." Wang Meizhi gave a cold "hum" and the old monk bowed his head and went out. After he left, Wang Meizhi pulled Sun Dong again and asked her to tell the situation on the Taihang Mountains. But Mei Hua pouted at Sun Dong and said, "You go with the old monk. As long as he doesn't go up the back hill, you don't have to worry about him. Otherwise, you can come and inform us as soon as possible. Do you understand?" "I've never understood how to do things for you," said Sun Dong foolishly. "You don't need to understand too much," said Mei Hua. "Just do it." Sun Dong nodded and strode out. Then Mei Hua said to Wang Meizhi with a smile, "I don't have to guess what the old monk told you. He must have said that I married Lin Qi and occupied him." Wang Meizhi shook her head and said, "No!"! He said a little more seriously, he said Lin Qi was fascinated by you. Lin Qi couldn't help saying, "What are you talking about? Do you believe it?" Wang Meizhi looked at him bitterly and said, "I didn't believe it, but when Donggu came back.." "What did Aunt Dong say to you?" Asked Lin Qi. "Aunt Dong said you were very intimate," said Wang Meizhi. Lin Qi snorted, "We are very intimate. Are you going to kill us for this?" Wang Meizhi's face changed again, but Mei Hua said with a smile,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, "Lin Qi, don't interrupt. You can't blame her. When you broke up, I was still a'flying witch '. How could you have a good impression on me?" ? sxthsteel.com

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