Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear

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Description: Then he looked at the girl with red cheeks in his arms, as happy as if he had eaten honey. He pinched her little finger and said earnestly, "Princess, please rest assured that I will come back triumphantly and marry the princess." "Be careful when you go to the battlefield.". Swords have no eyes. Don't be distracted. Xu Ruyi exhorted. This is a battlefield between two countries, which is naturally different from the last riot suppression. The other side's forces are not weak, and they are afraid that he will be careless because of love. yuan Lifei was very happy with her worries. He grabbed her little hand and put it to his mouth and kissed her carefully. "Well, I will always remember that the princess is still waiting in the palace." He will come back safely and marry her home. The two of them were bored for a while before they separated. Back in the palace, yuan Lifei volunteered to plead. The emperor readily agreed. He personally appointed him as an imperial envoy and gave him the imperial sword. He planned to set out in half a month. yuan Lifei was afraid that his little princess would come quietly again, and this time he told her very seriously that she must be obedient. After the two men talked, his overbearing breath was no longer concealed. "Xu Ruyi's little thought is easy for him to see." Princess, I hope you are safe in the palace. Otherwise, it will distract me when I go to war. She immediately pouted, "I can help you, too!" yuan Lifei pulled up the hair beside her ear and said softly, "I hope your father sees my contribution, not because the princess won this victory." Chapter 3827 obstinate princess vs sultry dark guard. As soon as he said this, Xu Ruyi was no longer capricious. There is still half a month to go before yuan Lifei leaves,calcium ammonium nitrate price, and he cherishes the remaining time with each other. However, Xu Ruyi's heartless character soon lost control of himself. She likes to sneak out in the middle of the night, and of course she will be caught by yuan Lifei who is hiding in the dark. That day, Xu Ruyi was just about to turn over the window to commit a crime when he saw a man standing against the wall with his hands around his chest and a long knife in his arms. yuan's bodyguard, what a coincidence. Why, are you going to the brothel,Magnesium Sulphate producer, too? She said with a smile. yuan Lifei's face was black, and he carried her away without saying a word. Hey, what are you doing? Why don't you put Mr. Ben down? Xu Ruyi kicked his legs discontentedly and dangled on his shoulders. The man's face darkened and he took her to the other village. He broke through the window and put her on the bed. yuan Lifei firmly imprisoned her, a pair of black eyes staring at the past, "Princess, you look like this, let the subordinates how to rest assured to fight?" Xu Ruyi pursed her lips. "This princess is just spending money to have fun, and she won't cause you any trouble.". What are you worried about? He gnashed his teeth. "The princess is really bored. She can have fun with her subordinates. Why should she spend money?" She was stupefied, "that makes sense, and this princess can save a sum of money." With that, Xu Ruyi pushed him back with his hands. She lay half on the man's body, a snow-white finger running across his cheek and then to the collar. Xu Ruyi gently hooked his skirt and whispered, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, "Bodyguard yuan, would you like to play with Princess Ben?" yuan Lifei froze. Such a princess is so attractive, and her charming appearance makes his heart itch! He could not help but secretly swallow the next saliva, "Gong, Princess." As soon as Xu Ruyi's finger picked, he had loosened the belt tied around his waist. She could clearly hear the man's rapid breathing and the frantic beating of his heart. yuan Lifei pinched the sheets with his fingers, not knowing what to do. He looked forward to it and enjoyed the teasing of the princess, but she was so slow that she was driving him crazy. Just as yuan Lifei was preparing to counterattack, she sat up, "I'm so hungry that I was going out to eat something." He I'm so hungry now that I want to eat her. What should I do? The princess is a grinding leprechaun! Xu Ruyi kicked him savagely, "go and find food for the princess!" yuan Lifei wanted to do her now, but he couldn't bear to think that the princess was still hungry. He got up, arranged his clothes, and quickly swept out of the window. Moments later, yuan Lifei found a bag of cakes. Xu Ruyi was leaning on the head of the bed. "Bring it to Princess Ben," he ordered lazily. He went over and handed out the cake. She did not answer, but opened her mouth, "You feed me.". ” This charming princess, is the real meal to open her mouth, clothes to stretch out her hand, at this time, yuan Lifei is also willing to spoil her heaven. He went to clean his hands, then sat on the edge of the bed and fed small pieces of cake into her mouth. Xu Ruyi ate with relish and half squinted happily. Occasionally, her little tongue would touch his fingertips and give him a teasing lick. It makes a man's heart itch. Just as she was about to finish eating, yuan Lifei finally couldn't help it. He nibbled down and took her lips in his mouth. Chapter 3828 obstinate princess vs sultry dark guard. Princess's small mouth, but also with the sweet cake, soft glutinous glutinous delicious. yuan Lifei wanted to swallow her directly. He pushed her down under his body and kissed her as much as he could, releasing his lovesickness and love. It was not until they were disheveled and panting that they finally stopped. yuan Lifei looked at her with soft eyes and ruddy complexion. He lean over again and gave her a peck on her delicate little face. As if he couldn't kiss enough, he was still thinking about it. Don't play, this princess wants to go back! Xu Ruyi pushed him away. He stood up, held her in his arms, and sent her back to the princess's house. After that, yuan Lifei summed up an experience-he just needed to stand outside the princess window and wait for the rabbit. Then, take the princess who wants to go out back to the other village. There was no one else here, and he could be unscrupulously close to her. When the two of them have had enough trouble, send her back. The day of yuan Lifei's departure is getting closer and closer, and his heart is even more reluctant. Sometimes, he would sneak into her boudoir in the morning when no one was there,Magnesium Oxide MgO, dressing her and painting her eyebrows. But men's hands are clumsy, often combed like chicken coops, and complacent.

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