Hong Xiu Zhao

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Description: When Fu Yanxiao crossed the Silk Road and arrived in Gaochang and Khotan, he saved Qiu Yan, an honest man full of divine power and martial arts, who had been lynched for stealing medicinal materials and was ready to lose one eye, one hand and one foot. People bully him, insult him and fear him, and his good nature makes his life in restraint, even if he is maimed by others, he has to stop himself from hurting others. The only bad thing he did in his life was to steal medicine to save the benefactor who raised him. Because of his mistake, he let the villagers abandon his brothers and feet. Fu Yan Xiao only had time to save his hands and feet intact, but he could not return one of his eyes, as well as his deceased relatives. Not to mention Fu Yanxiao himself; his parents died early, forcing him to depend on others in his early years, and later wandering around the world. Everyone has some terrible memories. Every time Fu Yanxiao comes back from a long journey, he brings some people and stories with him, and helps those people to walk optimistically towards the future every day. Comparatively speaking, I am lucky. But she couldn't get out. She doesn't have an optimistic nature. Each scene in Lin'an is not the footprints that her parents led her through, but the land that "he" led her through. Just like the behavior of the 10-year-old boy more than ten years ago when the cliff is closed and Yuna is rolling around. She would be happy if she could not think. But if she doesn't want to, life will only be numb. Suck: Isn't this my cousin? Why are you sad? But when you see new people laugh, you can't hear old people cry. That Fu Yan Xiao is so cruel. There was a second figure in the quiet bamboo garden,radio shuttle racking, whose arrival was announced by a slippery voice. Bei Ning Yan gasps, how also did not expect to meet with this person today. Lin Baoshan was one of the people she feared most in her life. Obviously, Brother Fu has promised that this man will never return to Linan City again! Two years ago, in a case of accidental murder, the government sentenced him to three years in the army, and then Brother Fu planned to make him never dare to step into Linan City again. Brother Fu never said anything he couldn't do. But why is Lin Baoshan here? Her look of shock and fear pleased the visitor. Lin Baoshan is her cousin, three years ago if not for the timely appearance of Fu Yan Xiao, she absolutely can not escape this person's claws. Even if you escape,push back racking system, you can't escape the coercion of the other side. She was so careless that she was left alone in the deserted bamboo forest. If any of the disciples were deliberately frivolous, she simply had no way to ask for help. After being Fu Yanxiao's wife for several years, she is still as beautiful as a flower. It's a pity that without a man's love, even beautiful flowers will wither, right? I looked at the boy's weak appearance. It was hard to deal with three women at a time. My cousin must have been left out in the cold, so she sighed here alone, right? Lin Baoshan walked closer and closer, forcing her to a dead corner full of strange stones. You Why is it here? You Money makes the world go around. Do you think the government sentenced me to three years of exile, I can not come back? Fu Yanxiao thought he could kill me? Bah! If he doesn't get dismembered, I, Lin Baoshan, swear not to be a man! As a result of two years of exile, the originally weak childe instead developed a body of brute force, full of the breath of bandits. With his greasy hair and dirty figure, heavy duty cantilever racks ,metal racking systems, it is not difficult to imagine his situation of hiding here and there. Bei Ning Yan anxiously looked around, desperate to find themselves nowhere to escape, and as far as the eye could see, there was no human habitation. Do you know how I came back? Stealing, robbing, swindling, even begging! I told myself that if I returned to Lin'an, the first thing I would do would be to find a woman to reward me for my suffering in the past two years! Who is more suitable than the first beauty in Lin'an? Come to think of it, you're almost my wife! Trying to escape. He put his arm around her and made a greasy mark on her white sleeve. Let go of me! You let go of me! "Call me!"! No one will come. Your husband is with his new favorite. Who cares if you, a woman out of favor, are stripped naked and happy with a wild man in a bamboo grove? How interesting With the lewd laughter, Lin Baoshan pulled off her sleeve mercilessly, revealing a whole jade arm as flawless as congealed white jade. Ah! Let go of me! Frightened and almost fainting, Bei Ning Yan hit Lin Baoshan with both hands, not wanting him to touch any inch of his muscles. When he stretched out his claws to tear open her skirt, she bit his wolf claws hard and heard a howl like killing a pig. She was jostled against the stones. Lin Baoshan ate the pain, pulled back his hand, backhand a raise to her beautiful face to throw a palm, but the palm has not yet touched the face, then teach a bamboo leaf through the palm, and with the strength of the bamboo leaf to stare at a bamboo body. The screams went on for a long time, and before he could see who was doing it, another cold and cruel palm came from behind, and Lin Baoshan fell into a painful coma. A robe gently draped over her body, concealing her bare arms. She slowly recovered from her dizziness and saw a masked man in front of her. With a cry of surprise, she hurried back, forgetting that there was a big stone behind her. The masked man stretched out his hand to protect the back of her head and did not let her hit the stone. A pair of dark eyes looked deeply at Bei Ningyan's heart and suddenly bumped: I felt palpitations for the stranger's eyes, and I couldn't figure out whether it was fear or what. But realizing that this was an inappropriate move, he stood up to distance himself from him, only to find that he was still holding one hand on her waist. She whispered in fear, "Thank you for your rescue, can you …" Let go? The slave family has to go. The hand on the waist was quickly withdrawn. The masked man took a big step back, and somehow got angry. He actually reached out his hammer to a yellow bamboo beside him, bringing out a cracking sound. Nope! Don't hurt my bamboo! She exclaimed, a pair of small hands overrated to hit him on the yellow bamboo, her heartache flustered today, the masked man was stunned, did not let her open her hand, but grabbed her small hand, together on the yellow bamboo, tight, as if in the branding of something in general. Do you remember the past because you have a bad life? The husky male voice is deliberately low. "Let go of me," she said anxiously as she tried to break free of her hand! I'm going to call someone! His hand did not hurt her, but it was too strong for her to break free. Its palm was so hot that it almost cooked her, even to the depths of her heart. He turned a deaf ear and said,teardrop pallet racking, "If you had a good life, you would have forgotten other irrelevant things, right?"? You'll forget everything.. ? kingmoreracking.com

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