It is said that the father of the son is the patriarch of a rich and powerful family-Nanhe Bugui.

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Description: "Who is the master of the round table this time?" Li Mu thought about it and asked, maybe we can calculate the place of Zhang Yi's disappearance from here. Zhang Yi has been missing for several days, but there is still no clue. This kind of cognition is really annoying. It's Mr. Baker from Northern Europe. He's among the survivors, but he hasn't been sober. We haven't got any useful information. "That is to say, both Zhang Yi and Liu Zhen disappeared at the same time?" "Yes." There was no useful information at all, nor could Li Mu, so he said, "Where are the survivors now? Let's go and have a look." "In the mine hospital, the best doctors in the world have been mobilized." But there is still no result, the latter words Zhang Houzheng did not say, at this time is not suitable to pour cold water on everyone. Go to the hospital! Li Mu made the final decision. Chapter 87 No one objected to his decision, now in addition to the patriarch, the patriarch's wife has the greatest power, and they came here to find Zhang Yi, so no matter what clues can not be left behind. The motorcade entered the city and gradually passed through the bustling free trade zone. There were many people in the city. These were all people who came to seek gold. Because the city was next to the largest diamond mine in South Africa, staying here represented a symbol of wealth,whirlpool hot tub, which fascinated people who pursued wealth. Looking at the smiling faces of the people outside the car, Li Mu's heart was heavy and anxious. The motorcade sped all the way through the busy area into the less populated area, which was the gathering area of the rich and represented the local stability. When a three-storey white building appeared in front of it, the motorcade stopped. Li Mu knew that this was the largest hospital in the mine, where three strangers who had never met were lying. They may have news of Zhang Yi, or they may not. Everything depends on God's will. At this time,outdoor endless pool, the hospital was surrounded by three layers inside and three layers outside. Everyone was armed with live ammunition. It could be seen that they did not belong to the same force, because they stood in distinct positions. But even so, it could be seen that the scope of their protection included the front and back of the hospital. Anyone who wanted to enter could not escape their eyes. Li Mu counted a number of distinct groups, seven teams of people, you can guess that this should be the people of the seven major consortia of the round table, these people are here, both to protect, but also to monitor, because the seven people who attended the meeting are now only three people here, in this foggy matter who dare not easily believe who, even if they come back alive. It does not prove that they are not suspected, 4 person jacuzzi ,endless pool swim spa, so there should be no less measures. Accompanied by Zhang Houzheng and Dong Mi, Li Mu took Sun Jie to the hospital. Seven people stepped forward at the gate of the hospital in an instant, which represented the responsible person of the seven consortia stationed here. The responsible person of the Zhang family immediately bowed respectfully when he saw Li Mu and others, and at the same time got out of the way. The people of other forces also saluted the crowd and then got out of the way. Zhang Houzheng is the real power figure of Zhang's consortium stationed in South Africa. Several forces guarding the hospital all know each other. At the same time, they also understand that the person who can accompany each other must be a higher figure than him. They have no right to stop such a person. The people who come at this critical moment must be the real power figures of the seven major consortia. The global status of the seven major consortia that monopolize South Africa's diamond mines includes not only economic strength, but also complex political status. Those who have such status must also have greater power. A group of people went to the hospital unimpeded. Zhang Houzheng explained in front of the roadside: "Uncle Li, this incident is really too important. The seven major consortia not only own many mines in South Africa, but also have a high status in their own country. But now four people are missing and three are in a coma. No one dares to disclose such news. Otherwise, it will have a hurricane-like impact on the global economy. So now the news is blocked." After the accident, other consortia quickly sent other people in charge to come here. They came here to solve the incident. Of course, when they arrived, they would also come to the hospital to visit the survivors. First, they showed concern. Second, they were also looking for clues. Now only the managers of the seven major consortia in South Africa can bring people in. "Well, thanks for your hard work." Li Mu said gently. Zhang Yi's disappearance is really too sudden, which is not what anyone wants to see. Zhang Houzheng, who is stationed in South Africa, passed the news back when he found something wrong at the first time. Although he has not found any useful clues yet, the other party did his best. It is not too hard to say to him. Hear the hard affirmation, Zhang Houzheng almost tears, although he is more than 40 adults, but he is also very aggrieved, you know, this is really a disaster, in his territory on the patriarch missing, such a big mistake, even if it is not his reason, can also have the factors of Huai Bi's crime, perhaps, after the incident, He will never be able to stay here safely again. It is said that the tea is cool, but now you can get the approval of the patriarch's wife. Maybe the ending will be different from what you imagined. So he led the way more respectfully. The hospital has the strength of vigilance from the outside to the inside, and these people respectfully saluted when they saw Li Mu and his party. The patient's ward was on the second floor, and there were many vigilance forces outside the door, including the patient's own strength and the concern of other consortia. These people all knew Zhang Houzheng, so Li Mu went in directly and unimpeded. He represented the Zhang Group. On this occasion, his identity represented his position. The hospital facilities here look very good,outdoor hot tub, and it should be a place for the rich to recuperate. The three patients live in three separate suites. They are all under the care of professional doctors and nurses. These doctors are the most famous doctors invited by the seven major consortia from all over the world. In addition to 24-hour care by doctors, the patients are also accompanied by their families. On the whole, they live here without being disturbed by outsiders.

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