My son is the prince of ancient and modern.

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Description: At that time, he concealed his identity and name and was a close friend of her brother. That day, he happened to come out of the palace to see his friend. When he was talking under the eaves, he looked up and saw her inadvertently. His eyes met, and he saw the wonder in her eyes. In fact, she was not quite the same as the woman in his impression. She came to her friend's side, did not avoid him, and even looked at him curiously. At that time, he was not so keen, nor did he find his friend's forbearing love and spoiling when he looked at her. "Ziheng, this is the sister I mentioned to you in my letter." She was inadvertently saved by the general's wife, who had lost her beloved daughter, listening to friends say that the general and his wife regarded her as a daughter and cherished her very much. The first time we met, when she looked at him, her eyes were full of surprise. Her eyes were clear, and she could see to the end at a glance. This was an innocent woman without any sophistication. When he looked at her, he was gentle and refined on the surface, but what he thought was her use value. The general has a high prestige in the army, and his friends are also very capable. He has no trusted followers in the army, and he knows that the Dynasty he is about to accept is full of dangers. He planned everything, everything was in his calculation, he counted all the hearts,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, but not himself. What can I do for you, sir? There is an activity today. The clerk went up and said with a smile. Rong Heng came to his senses, but his face was at a very rare loss. When he reacted, he strode out of the shop and stood outside, but he could no longer see her. The author has something to say: Actually I also have a doubt all the time, those people who grow white overnight, is the hair that grows from the back black or white? What is the principle? Until I wrote down such a plot, in Gugu's memory, his father emperor is white hair,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, but in the past few years, the emperor can not grow new hair ah, so I set him to grow out of the hair is white hair, so round over. Send 88 small red envelopes in this chapter! Double more duck tomorrow! ?024. Today, Chen Linjing and Song Haiping have a dinner party, so it is not convenient to take Rong Ting. When Song yuan came home with the cake, Rong Ting was practicing calligraphy. It gets dark early in winter. She gets off work at half past five, and when she gets home, it's already dark. Her parents knew that she was busy with her work, and it would be too hard to cook when she got home, so they invited an aunt, who did not live at home and was usually responsible for cleaning and cooking. Now the aunt had left, and the food on the table was still hot. Rong Ting wants to wait for her to have dinner together. There were two meat dishes, one vegetable and one soup on the table, but during the meal, endless swim pool ,hot tub spa manufacturers, Rong Ting kept staring at the attractive strawberry cake on the table. Eat first. Song yuan reminded him, "You still have the appetite to eat cake after dinner. If you can't eat it, you can put it in the refrigerator and eat it tomorrow." Rong Ting gave a cry. Song yuan shares what she sees and hears with Rong Ting every day, and today is no exception. After complaining about a client's difficulties as usual, she remembered the man she met in the bakery and said, "Today when I went to buy a cake, I met a man who was really handsome, but I think appearance is the second. He has a strong aura, and I feel he is not an ordinary person." Rong Ting was a little unhappy when he heard this. He didn't know what handsome meant and what unhandsome meant before, but after this period of understanding, he knew everything. Selfishly, he felt that it was wrong for his mother to praise another man's handsome appearance. Song yuan was still immersed in her own world. Some time ago, she also saw young people with dyed white hair on the street. At that time, she thought of the emperor who said that. It seems to be very popular to dye hair of various colors this year. She has seen several white hair. The first time she saw it, she could think of His Majesty the Emperor. If she saw it a few more times, she would not think of him. This bakery is near our neighborhood. Does he live near here, too? Song yuan is the appearance association, she did not like the man just now, just curious, "but if I really live near here, then how can I not see it?" At the end of his patience, Rong Ting put down his spoon and said to Song yuan seriously, "Mother, you don't say a word when you eat or sleep." The rule of eating without saying a word and sleeping without saying a word is basically abolished. Song yuan looked up at him and noticed his mood. "What's wrong? You don't seem very happy." He was very happy when she came back. Song yuan thought for a moment and knew what was going on. He asked tentatively, "Aren't you happy that I praise others for their handsome appearance?"? Why are you so jealous? I also praise you handsome every day. Rong Ting snorted, "Gu is not such a narrow-minded person, but as the mother of a country, she has a son and a husband, so she praises other men, it is really." Hum In fact, Rong Ting is no different from other children. He likes his mother most in his heart, but his father is the second favorite. Although he doesn't know what happened between his father and mother, in his heart, his father and mother are always a couple. Song yuan listened to this but some do not adapt, she put down her chopsticks, "son I admit, husband I did not admit." "Without the father, there would be no loneliness." Rong Ting is still fighting for his father at the moment. Not to mention that the ancient engagement is nothing in modern times. Now your father is standing in front of me, and I don't know who he is. Song yuan is also very serious, "otherwise, you think I divorced your father." Rong Ting Wen Yan was dumbfounded, a face, "this operation is also possible?" His expression, "Mother, be careful!" "It should be possible to divorce in ancient times. Anyway, your father has three thousand beautiful women in the queen's palace. Maybe he will be happier without me. You also said that your father has a broad mind. He should not mind my unilateral announcement of divorce with him, right?" The more Song yuan thought about it, the more he felt he was right. "Goo Goo, I know it's a little difficult for you to accept the separation of your parents now, but you still have to learn to accept it. Look at me. When my parents divorced,endless swimming pool, I was about the same age as you, and I accepted it." "You, you are unreasonable!" ?

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