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Description: Lin Xun immediately thought of the legendary figures in the ancient times, such as Emperor Taixuan Jian, Emperor Wuzhao Zhan and Lord Xingjia Buddha. Because the land of the top is derived from the "world origin" they got from the dark world! However, Lin Xun is not very clear about who left behind the wonderful fire. "The wonder of this fire is far above me," said the Fire Spirit Emperor. "It's a pity that we lack a fire spirit like me. Perhaps when you have a chance to go to the wonderful Taoist ruins, you will be able to find the spirit body lost by this fire." Lin Xun felt a shock in his heart. "Have you ever been to Zhongmiaodao Ruins?" Emperor Wanhuo Ling shook his head and said, "I once heard the willpower of the mother furnace talking about this. As for where all the wonderful Taoist ruins are, I don't know." Speaking of this, Wanhuo Linghuang remembered one thing, "Now you should have known that the ancestor of the immortal phoenix is silent in this secret world, and according to our inference, in less than a month, the ancestor of the immortal phoenix will wake up from nirvana." Lin Xun was stunned and said, "Please speak frankly, senior." "We hope you can help us if there is any danger when the first ancestor of the immortal phoenix awakens," said the Fire Spirit Emperor. Lin Xun nods: "This should be." Emperor Wan Huo Ling took a deep look at Lin Xun and said, "Let's start refining." Whoosh! As soon as she reached out and grasped it, the copper block of the mother furnace and the soldiers of the nine emperors of Kunlun fell into her hands one by one like a group of streamers. Boom! In the palm of her hand, the dazzling divine flame turned into a whirlpool-like flame torrent, which smelted all the soldiers and copper blocks of the nine emperors of Kunlun. Lin Xun also no longer delay, a long breath, eyes clear, the heart is no longer the ancient well,heavy duty metal racking, no more distracting thoughts. Yes, it is a kind of desire for refining that originates from the heart and comes from instinct. Whew! As soon as Lin Xun's mind moved, dozens of imperial soldiers roared up and poured into the tripod of the wonderful fire one by one. After that, Lin Xun's mind was focused, and he controlled the wonderful fire to roll constantly, melting these imperial soldiers. His technique is skillful, like flowing clouds and flowing water, nearly two months of practice action,warehouse storage racks, so that he has already accumulated incomparably rich experience. However, at the moment, Lin Xun still appears to be extremely careful. Because each kind of imperial soldier is branded with different patterns and has different magical powers. If you want to smelt them one by one and preserve their magic and integrity at the same time, it will be a great test of the means of the refiner. In short, it is easy to refine a new imperial soldier, but it is too difficult to remelt the imperial soldier into a divine material and retain its magic and power. For Lin Xun, it is also a great challenge. Fortunately, the power of the fire did not disappoint Lin Xun, as he manipulated, the dozens of imperial soldiers are gradually showing signs of being smelted. According to Lin Xun's conjecture, this process will last at least ten days or so. In the meantime, you will be obliged to protect the Dharma together. Lin Xun separated a thought and called out the Xi, rhubarb and Summer Solstice hidden in the tower. OK Xi they all know, now Lin Xun refining life emperor soldiers, can not tolerate interference. Lin Xun nodded and was thoroughly immersed in the refining vessel. In the distance, the fire spirit emperor also noticed Xi, asrs warehouse ,shuttle rack system, rhubarb, Summer Solstice them, and did not say much. All of a sudden, the atmosphere of the secret world became quiet and solemn. Three days later. Under the command of the Phoenix Heaven, the Shengong Emperor clan, Lian Jiuxiao, and other big shots went out together to completely blockade the whole city of Wanhuo Emperor, and then opened the moat array. Overlooking from the sky, you can see the vast sea of fire, the majestic city of ten thousand fires. With the opening of the Forbidden Array, it immediately releases the divine light of the sky and illuminates the sky, which is very spectacular. In the city at this time, the streets are empty and deserted. Apart from the strong people stationed in the city, the strong people of Shengong Emperor clan, and some other forces attached to the immortal phoenix, almost no other figures can be seen. It was also from this day that the solemn and oppressive atmosphere covered the whole city like the tide. Seven days later. In a mountain range tens of thousands of miles away from Wanhuo Emperor City. Boom! Void shock, suddenly, such as the tide of the figure emerged out of thin air, it is like a heavenly soldier will come to the world, the breath of Sheng, shocked the sky. Such a scene lasted for a full quarter of an hour. When the shaking void returned to calm, the mountains had gathered an army of 800,000 ascetics! "Yes, it's not too late." Wanliu Emperor Zu and Ganyin Emperor Zu, who were already waiting there, all nodded their heads. This vast army, led by the White Tiger and Xuanwu clans, is composed of a group of strong people of all nationalities attached to the two clans. There are only fifty people in the imperial realm who have gone out! In addition, like other realms of the strong, are also carefully selected generals, after many killings and battles. Of course, in the hearts of Wanliu Emperor Zu and Gan Yin Emperor Zu, the characters in the imperial realm are the main force in the real battle. As for those roles under the imperial realm, they are nothing more than doing chores. For example, after conquering the Imperial City of Ten Thousand Fires and breaking through the Immortal Phoenix, we have to rely on the characters under the imperial realm to clean up the mess, maintain order, clean up the battlefield, control the territory and so on. Therefore, although it is said to be an army of eight hundred thousand monks, it is those who can really participate in the battle that decides the victory or defeat that exist in the imperial realm. Fifty emperors, this number is already amazing. But if you want to flatten an innate Eldar who has been respected for countless years, it is obviously not enough. In fact, this army is only an advance force. In the plan of the White Tiger and Xuanwu clans, the day when the great man of the Luo family on the other shore arrived was the time to use all his strength! "Come on, it's time to be at the gates." With a wave of his sleeve robe, Emperor Wanliu led the way first. On this day, eight hundred thousand troops arrived outside the city of ten thousand fires, at the gates, like the tide, the siege of the city! All sentient beings in the world,push back racking system, who had been paying close attention to the movement of Wanhuo Emperor City, could not help but feel cold when they saw this. Finally, they were sure that the news that spread all over the world at the beginning was not wrong. The White Tiger and Xuanwu clans really came to fight against the Immortal Phoenix. Everyone can't help wondering whether the Phoenix can withstand such a blow.

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