The dragon crosses the river

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Description: Qingqing Apple Fragrance also stopped summoning, because he knew it was futile, and the power of the mythical beast had obviously dropped a lot, but it was still not what he could resist, and now he could only bet on the soul-eating dragon! At this time, I finally had a chance to start the real dragon, the dragon's anger can not be used in the world, such a small range, the use of such indiscriminate attacks, can only let everyone perish together, and the frozen ancient magicians they obviously did not hang up, our team still exists, but do not know why the beast did so, but do not want to know. If we lose all our attack power, our mission will be a failure, and we may be thrown directly out of Atlantis. But I still have one move, the dragon dominates the world! The real dragon is born! The cold that had been weakening us was immediately dispelled, and finally I saw that under the divine power of the rising dragon, it retreated for some distance, and now it consumes a lot, I'm afraid it won't dare to face the invincible rising dragon directly. But the dragon tyrant world is not the ascending dragon after all, the ascending dragon is the invincible power of the artifact itself, and the dragon tyrant world is just my play of the super artifact, I am confident that I can hang up the regional patrol, but in the face of the mythical beast? I'm not sure. What kind of people are Qingqing Apple Fragrance and Aisin Jue Luo? Naturally, you can see the strength I have, but they are still not optimistic. At the end of Shenglong, the Mermaid Queen is obviously relieved. As for the golden dragon on my body, I am just afraid, not very afraid. Brother Devouring Soul, wait a minute! Qingqing Apple Fragrance stopped the attack I was preparing. A flash of divine light, that is the light of the artifact,industrial racking systems, the artifact that appears at this time is naturally the magic mirror, the treasure that Qingqing Apple Fragrance has been hiding, the treasure that relies on to fight against the magic palace, but also the key to this Atlantis! And at this time, he was finally willing to take it out. A small black round mirror appeared in the hands of Qingqing Apple Fragrance. Under his incantation, it immediately showed a huge circle. It was a mirror like the gate of hell. The mirror was carried by two demons and supported by two black dragons. Facing the magic mirror of the mythical beast, the bright light instantly enveloped the mythical beast, while the mythical animal remained motionless as if it had been petrified. Qingqing Apple Fragrance naturally understood our doubts and said with a wry smile, "This is equivalent to the state of system detection, which cannot be attacked. Aisin Jueluo and I will consume it again later, otherwise the attack will be in vain." The side of the magic mirror facing us immediately showed a series of data, including the consumption of the mythical beast. Dizzy, only a little more than one fifth, we are still more than enough. But Qingqing Apple Xiang is not concerned about this, he wants to see the last one, the magic mirror will show the weakness of the mythical beast or the way to overcome it, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,industrial racking systems, whether it can meet the conditions or not, but it is better to know than not to know. Finally came out, the first is to overcome it, which is tantamount to not saying, but there is a second, the mermaid queen, the most beautiful existence of the mermaid race, beauty is their life, unless there is a more beautiful woman than them to make them feel ashamed. As soon as the exploration of the magic mirror was over, the mythical beast resumed its action. It was obvious that it was very angry at the exploration of the artifact. With one hand open, countless ice snakes like life shot out. The first thing Qingqing Apple Fragrance did was to put the magic mirror away, but there was no time to dodge. The ice snake that came after him was immediately frozen in his left hand, followed by dozens of ice sculptures that completely froze him. And my teleportation was able to avoid the attack, although it was hit, but under the protection of the real dragon's fighting spirit, it still held on. But Aisin Jue Luo was not so lucky. All the ice snakes that could not catch me jumped on her. No matter how agile and evasive they were, they needed a gap. But obviously, countless ice snakes completely blocked all her paths, and our chances of winning were frozen with her ice. This damn beast didn't give her a chance at all, maybe she hesitated, if we remove the disguise, with her appearance, maybe we really have a chance to win, but now. I was left alone with nineteen ice sculptures. Plus a little green dragon that didn't work. It may be said that the green dragon will grow up to the level of small purple, but now it is still too young, love the new Jue Luo did not spend energy on it. There is also one that can move, that is, the six-tailed Firefox of the ancient magician. The connection between this poor little fox and the ancient magician is absolutely the same as that between the three wolves and the hair, and there are many kinds of connections between pets and their owners. Like Fafa and the three wolves, the six-tailed Firefox and the ancient magician are definitely the most intimate ones, and they can contact each other. It may be one level higher than me and Xiaocai, but unfortunately he has reached the level of pet holy beast and can't break through. After the master was frozen, the six-tailed Firefox began to scratch and scratch with its claws, hoping to use its weak strength to solve the master. The six big hairy tails lit a flaming flame and kept burning and burning, but until the flame was exhausted, the freezing did not weaken at all. Instead, its own claws began to freeze and the red color began to fade. Only the indomitable eyes are still red. If it goes on like this, it will definitely die. The power of the mythical beast is not something that a pet can resist, unless it can evolve. The Mermaid Queen finally breathed a sigh of relief. It was enough for her to be attacked by a group of people in turn. There was only one person left to play. For a while, she didn't want to end it so soon. The power of this man is very interesting, but unfortunately it can not be brought into play. I understand the speed of the monster's recovery, it must be faster than me, and when it is completely recovered, I am finished. Now there is no need to blindly move, this guy did not put us in the eye, almost all moves are direct conflict, just take advantage of this feature, eat me a full file of dragon hegemony. Roar ~ The whole body of the dragon fighting gas instantly ignited, like a tangible flame, the king suit, Vulcan beads, bloodthirsty magic sword,metal racking systems, all the magic weapons, artifacts are mobilized to prepare for the killing of the real dragon. Success is a blow, failure is a blow! I'm used to fighting alone.

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