When I woke up, I was the little wife of a rich old man.

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Description: Wen Shao: ".." Wen Sheng and he looked at each other, very guilty first went in, he actually felt that he called Wen Shao back is a very stupid thing, but he did not know that after he finished the phone call things suddenly changed, things should not have been like this. Wen Shao went in and suddenly understood why Wen Sheng had just pulled him outside to make a choice, and if he was not psychologically prepared for such an occasion, he could only turn around and walk away. Who can tell him, why this time, this place, Huo Xiangsi family will be here? Why did yuan Xiao look at him with a smile on his face, and his parents stared at him with an expression of watching a good show, while his brother Wen Sheng, the only one standing on his side, stood on one side with a guilty conscience because he had done something wrong. It was certain that he felt uncomfortable being stared at like this, and it was also certain that he wanted to go. But when he turned around and was ready to leave, Huo Xiangsi immediately stood up and shouted to him: "Ah Shao, don't go. We came here to have business to say, not to trouble you." Wen Shao: ".." No matter what they came to do, he felt that if he stayed here, he would be brainless. So Wen Shao took a decisive step and strode away from there. Huo Xiangsi frowned and was about to go after him when Wen Sheng saw him running in the direction of Wen Shao, saying,stainless steel welded pipe, "Don't move, I'll go after him," and then closed the door. Huo Xiangsi: "..." -2- Wen Sheng chased out, Wen Shao was already sitting in the car, he really felt that he believed Wen Sheng's words to come here is really a waste of time, whether it is to see Huo Xiangsi or yuan Xiao, there is no meaning for him,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, I really do not know what Wen Sheng's brain is thinking, why do you think such a thing is very important? Wen Shao thought, it is estimated that Wen Sheng's brain is out of water, will have such a stupid consciousness. Wen Sheng leaned over the car window and took Wen Shao's hand, which was already on the steering wheel: "Brother, I didn't mean it. I didn't know Huo Xiangsi would bring her parents home. When I called you secretly, there were only Mom and Dad and yuan Xiao in the living room. They were talking about marrying yuan Xiao after you divorced Rong Zhijin. I called you immediately after I knew it." But who would have thought that a few minutes later Huo Xiangsi led her parents directly as if he knew about it and said it, and I was also very aggrieved! Wen Shao clapped Wen Sheng's hand and said angrily, "Don't call me again if there is such a thing. You are really wasting my precious time." Especially the precious time he can spend alone with Rong Zhijin. Now he wants to go out and beat Wen Sheng up, but for the sake of his attitude of admitting his mistake and being Frank and sincere, he will keep it for the time being, and if such a stupid thing happens again in the future, we will fight together. I went back, here things, you directly send a text message to tell me on the line, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, don't call me, don't call me here, "Wen Shao glanced at him:" Next time, you see if I take you! " Wen Sheng instantly showed his aggrieved eyes and his voice was weak: "Oh." Fine Wen Shao sighed: "You go back. If you don't want to listen to their nonsense, you can go back to your room. I can guess what they are discussing. You don't need to inquire." "Ok," Wen Sheng loosened the window: "Then you go back, you go to accompany your beautiful wife Rong Zhijin, do not care about my life here." Wen Shao: ".." He glanced faintly at Wen Sheng, closed the window, and then backed away. Wen Sheng stood there with a face of grievance looking at, rely on, really do not care about my life ah, but I am your brother ah, brother! If you have a wife, you will forget your own brother! Too much!!! -3- Wen Shao did not go home directly, but went to Rong Zhijin's house. He wanted to find Rong Ye. As for the reason, he naturally discussed with Rong Ye about him and Rong Zhijin. He knew that Rong Ye didn't like him very much, nor did he like Rong Zhijin to have too close contacts with himself. He also knew that he was really happy when Rong Zhijin wanted to divorce himself. Unfortunately, things did not go in the direction he expected. In this case, what Rong Ye can do is to accept it generously. After all, even if he does not accept, things will not make too much change, he accepted, the heart is able to be more comfortable, Wen Shao in the past, is to push Rong Ye to take the first step, in any case, he will not divorce Rong Zhijin, then, Rong Ye has to make concessions, because he loves Rong Zhijin very much, will not force Rong Zhijin to divorce himself. The car stopped in front of Rong's gate, Wen Shao stepped down from the car, just in time to bump into Song Qiuwu who came here to visit, and Song Qiuwu's mother, that is. Rong Zhijin's biological mother. Seeing Wen Shao come here alone, Song Qiuwu was a little surprised and curious. Song Qiuwu asked him, "Why did you come back alone?"? Where's my sister? Didn't she come back with you? Wen Shao shook his head. "I have something to discuss with Rong Zhijin's father. Rong Zhijin doesn't know. He's staying with me. Maybe he's chasing the drama." Song Qiuwu nodded his head. Rong Zhijin's mother, Zhang Ruiru, looked up and down at Wen Shao. She seldom saw Wen Shao. First, she lived a little far away from here. Second, she had been divorced from Rong Zhijin's father for many years. She didn't have much contact at ordinary times. This time, she came back because of something. She remembered that the last time she saw Wen Shao seemed to be at their wedding. It was more than two years later that we met again. Zhang Ruiru likes Wen Shao very much. He has a well-off family and a good character. She was the first to agree to let Rong Zhijin marry him. Although she heard more or less about the following things, she felt that since Rong Zhijin made that choice, she had to learn to bear the consequences of the choice. She nodded to Wen Shao with a smile and said, "Wen Shao,304 Stainless Steel Bar, I haven't seen you for a long time." Wen Shao nodded in response: "Yes, I seem to remember the last and only time I saw you was at the wedding of Rong Zhijin and me." "Yes, you have a good memory." "Not bad." ? sxthsteel.com

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